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Command Conquer: Tiberian Sun Download PC Game

Two single-player campaigns are on offer, one taking the forces of the GDI, one heading up the Brotherhood and, as usual, they can be played at different levels of difficulty. The plot is well developed, with each mission being preceded by a few minutes of video moving the plot along. These deserve a mention - they are amongst the most convincing live-action sequences around and the actors are blended well with computer-generated surroundings. Big name actors, such as James Earl Jones and Michael Biehn, help in making the cut scenes so good. The video can get a little blocky at times but this doesn't detract from the impact. Plot characters make the odd appearance in missions too, and each has their own weapons and abilities, similar to the commandos. There's plenty of variety in the objectives; destroying all the enemies on the map still features heavily but there is the odd rescue or sabotage mission thrown in to liven things up. The only real problem with the single-player game is that the progression through the different tech levels seems too slow, and this restriction contributes to a slightly pedestrian feel to the missions. The difficulty level is set high enough to challenge even hardened RTS fans and overall Tiberian Sun plays a much better single-player game than the competition.

Command Conquer: Tiberian Sun Download PC Game

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

While art direction and balancing worked out according to plan, during development many other problems occurred. For example, the dynamic battlefield with terrain alteration and forest fires was very ambitious, but had to be reduced as it led to unsolvable path finding problems. Also a "loadout" screen was to be implemented, allowing commanders to pick units to take into battle before missions. The idea did not fit into the final project, so it was cut although fully developed. Other unpolished ideas were kept in leading to a lot of feature creep. The game also had planning troubles in post production. Storage and network requirements for the digitized video did not meet the demands. The studio was working with professional actors for the first time. Recording started early when plot lines were not fully developed, but also not subject to change as re-recording would be too expensive and interfere with localisation schedules. The game engine's shift to make it look more 3D and destructible bridges took over ten times longer to program as originally estimated. Adding repairable bridges that can also be passed underneath complicated systems such as path-finding, Z-buffering, rendering, unit behavior, and AI.[6] The bridges became a core element that was used excessively in map design.[7]

Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun PC game is actually the sequel to the famous Command and Conquer series. Before this game starts it is shown that NOD leader Kane is dead. But in this game Kane revives and shows himself with great improvements and great forces to strike back and make this world Tiberium. With this uprising the GDI Commander Michael McNeil is given the mission to prevent this happening. On the other hand NOD general Anton Slavik has to make sure that there lost brotherhood is rejoined. So they can join Kane in the fight. command and conquer red alert 1 is another game that you may like to download.

This game is based almost on the same principles on which its previous games have been. But this game has some major improvements and additions as well. The game engine is made very fantastic to give you a real 3D look. Also there is addition of day/night cycle. The Map system is well enhanced and now you can easily locate the hide outs and battle grounds. Also during the campaign mode you are given choices in your way. Some of the choices can bring you disadvantage in a sense that the difficulty will become more hard. So as this game is last in its series as it is special also. This game is really enjoyable. You can also download Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

Click on the below button to start Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Free Download. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Ocean of games is a classic dos game, published in 1999 by Westwood Studios. The main genre of the old game is the strategy. We gave this game magnificent rating of 98 and also you may download it for free here. Command & Conquer is one the most prosperous strategy series from the history for over 17 years (the first game arrived in 1995, the past in 2012). Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a title for its next game in this series, also in 2010 was released as freeware. Yet more, you are able to pick from either side for that you struggle GDI or NOD. GDI has traditionally more powerful units and weapons, but NOD facet has improved units for a quiet and sneaky strike. Tiberian Sun sparked many passions and contradictory opinions. In that time, you might have read this game is your worst level of this C&C series and a couple of days after you have read on another website about why Tiberian Sun is your very best C&C game. Anyhow, the game introduced a new amazing 3D images and deformable terrain, which looked just in this game series and it is just up to you to determine whether that game is your ideal C&C or not.

i downloaded the two parts , unziped them, and used virtual drive tool to simulate a cd drive and every thing went smooth untill when i clicked install and i was asked to provide a serial number that apparently is should be located at the back of the game cd ..! what sould i do? and why such number was not in a text file some where within the game ? please help me .ps: i went through the instruction page and found nothing regarding this issue.

Welcome back commander. Electronic Arts seemingly unstoppable Command and Conquer franchise spawned yet another sequel in 1999. Boasting a revised game engine, new unit types and variable terrain, the game went on to become a smash hit. Like Red Alert, Tiberian Sun has also been released into the public domain, meaning anyone can freely and legally download a copy. No need to track down an old CD-ROM this time!

Finally, users on Windows 8 and Windows 10 require another special fix. Without this fix, the main menu options in the game will not work and you will be unable to start a game. These fixes are NOT usually required if you downloaded the game from the link we gave you above. You have two options to fix this problem. If you have a Direct11 compatible graphics card, you can use the excellent dgVoodoo2 tool. Tiberian Sun is a DirectX game, so use dgVoodoo2 in DirectX mode. Using dgVoodoo2 also makes Tiberian Sun compatible with several neat in-game tools, such as Nvidia Shadowplay.

Tiberian Sun can be played multiplayer both over a home network (LAN) or the internet. Before you can play a network game of any kind, you will need the appropriate patch. If you downloaded the game from the link above, this patch should be installed already.

Cannot select menu items:- This occurs if you run the game on Windows 8 or Windows 10 and did not install the special Windows 8 fix patch or dgVoodoo2. This problem should not occur if you downloaded the game from

The picture here shows the game running in 720p resolution. As you can see, things get pretty small, though eagle eyed commanders will gain an advantage by having such a wide view of the battlefield. Click on the picture to see it full size.

I downloaded the game and I finally found one that I get to run! Awesome! The only thing is though, if I dont move my mouse, Speed of the game is VERY quick. If I do move the mouse however, this changes drastically into laggy stuff I used to see back in 99 ;) I already copied this thingy into the sun.ini: VideoBackBuffer=nobut it doesnt change much, any ideas?

I have windows 8.1 downloaded the game beta . and the patch . yet the game plays fine but I cant change any of the sliders like difficulty mouse speed etc . I also run a check on it and troubleshooter says the launcher is incompatible . something im mssing ?

You can check out the full list right here. Remember, many of past Command & Conquer game have been released as freeware over the years. And we have them all available for download in our Freeware Classic Command & Conquer Games section.

Since the game no longer works, might as well uninstall it and try downloading from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. The download is around 1.2 GB so make sure you have plenty of space in your hard drive. Install it once downloaded and see if it works. Other websites say that it only works on Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6a but normally you can still play it even on modern operating systems.

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