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Where Can I Buy A Protein Shaker PATCHED

We've tried and tested the best protein shakers currently on the market to bring you the best models for mixing your protein powders, creatine, or any other ingredients you fancy throwing in. Some even come with supplement compartments and handy protein recipes to power any workout, hike, or travel.

where can i buy a protein shaker

We also looked for factors like insulation, size, and how easy they are to drink from. These models boast a range of features and price points, so there's something for everyone. Find out how to clean your blender properly and read on to see the best protein shakers money can buy.

By the time you've invested in the best gym bag, a decent set of resistance bands, and upgraded your fitness tracker, your fitness routine might be looking pretty expensive. Luckily, without spending a fortune, you can still get a decent protein shaker.

The Ice Shaker is easy to open and close, with the lid cap clicking firmly into place as you press it down, letting you know everything is secure. What sets the Ice Shaker apart from the others on this list is the removable agitator built into the inner lid, replacing the traditional stainless steel blender ball most protein shakers use.

When I used the Ice Shaker to mix up some simple protein shakes (whey protein powder, water and a few ice cubes), the agitator worked well to break up and dissolve the powder right away, while also keeping the ice cubes from banging against my teeth when I took a slug. To test its insulation, I left ice water inside overnight in a 70-degree room, and the water temperature rose from a super-chilled 35 degrees to 55 degrees when I checked in at the 30-hour mark.

The Hydra Cup is one of my favorite protein shakers thanks to pure functionality. That split-compartment design is fantastic for towing around more than one liquid at once, saving time as you transition from pre- to post-workout supplements. The lid snaps down securely on all four sides to seal up the gaskets, ensuring that all liquids (or solids) stay where they should.

At the end of the day, a protein shaker is just a widemouthed water bottle with a stainless steel blender ball inside, right? Mostly, but when choosing the best protein shaker, pay close attention to the lid. Our favorite shakers have locking mechanisms and other leakproof designs to prevent unwanted spills. Look for comfortable carrying handles on top that are easy to snag with the tips of your fingers.

Another thing to look out for is the size of the shaker. Most protein shakers hold between 16 and 36 ounces of liquid, leaving enough extra space inside to dissolve that workout mix or protein powder with whatever bartending flair you have on hand.

Lastly, think about what you want to carry and how cold, or warm, you want it to stay. Most protein shakers are made from lightweight plastic (often BPA-free), but some of the best protein shakers use stainless steel insulation to keep cold drinks colder, longer. You can leave such shakers out in the sun without worrying about a lukewarm milkshake after a few late-afternoon laps.

In order to determine which protein shakers belonged on the top of this list, we evaluated them based on functionality, quality of build materials, and how each bottle felt while holding it. We also made sure to test out the seal for every lid; nobody likes a gym bag filled with lukewarm protein sludge. After filling each shaker up with water, we knocked them around on the floor a bit and checked for any leakage.

To test any insulated protein shakers, which are designed to handle both hot and cold beverages, we filled them halfway to the top with ice water, screwed on the lids, and let the shakers sit for 10 minutes. Then we removed the lids and quickly recorded the inner temperature of each bottle via infrared thermometer. After sealing the shakers again and letting them stand for 24 hours in a 70-degree room, we recorded the inner temperature a second time. In short: the smaller the temperature flux, the more effective the insulation.

There are many types of protein powders on the market, all with different pros and cons. Most protein powders can be divided into dairy proteins, which includes whey protein and casein protein, and non-dairy, which includes pea protein, soy protein, rice protein and hemp protein. The type will often depend on your personal preference and your health goals. Whey protein, for example, can be absorbed faster than casein protein, which is why some bodybuilders opt to take casein protein before bed.

So you've got the perfect protein shakes and selected the best protein for your body, but when should you be sipping on a protein shake? The answer kind of depends on your reasons for having a shake. If you're using a protein shake as a meal or snack replacement as a way to lose weight, it's worth taking a protein shake at the time you'd normally eat the meal or snack you're replacing.

Each of the protein shakers in this guide has been tried and tested by the Live Science team. In the non-insulated shakers, we mixed up a protein shake using protein powder and water, to assess how well it blended. We also shook each shaker upside down for approx. 30 seconds to see how leak-proof it was. For the insulated shakers, we tested how long hot and cold liquids stayed at a drinkable temperature too. Other features were noted, including how easy the shaker was to carry around or store, how easy it was to clean, and whether it had any stand-out features.

Every good protein shaker should meet three basic requirements: it should have a secure lid, be leak-proof and allow for easy cleaning. To decide whether a protein shaker is best tailored for you, it needs to have additional features that will seamlessly align with your lifestyle and exercise routine. Professional athletes who spend long hours in the gym will look for traits that may not appeal to elderly hikers, and vice versa.

The first thing to consider is the size and weight of your protein shaker. If you don't consider yourself to be a fitness fanatic or a passionate bodybuilder, smaller and more portable bottles with no blenders or whisks will suit you just right. But if your intense exercise regime requires you to eat hefty portions of protein on a daily basis, investing in a bigger, more sophisticated shaker will make your fitness routine much easier to follow. If you also regularly take other supplements, such as BCAAs or creatine, having an additional pill compartment or removable container will surely come in handy.

Finally, protein shakers are great for mixing protein blends, but they can serve other purposes too. For example, if you prefer to have a bottle that can also keep your coffee nice and warm, invest in an insulated shaker. Similarly, if you like to mix in some fruit or peanut butter into your protein shake, look into some pricier bottles that come with a built-in blender.

Most protein powders available on the market contain whey or milk protein isolates. These blends have an excellent amino acid profile, absorb well in the stomach and are great for day-to-day use. They are particularly effective at stimulating the growth of muscle mass, making them a great addition to most heavy resistance training routines. At the same time, whey isolates may trigger digestive issues or skin problems in some sensitive individuals. They are also not suitable for people who are allergic to dairy products. If milk proteins are not for you, there are many plant-based protein powders that you can use instead.

Lastly, many protein powders are enriched with additional compounds, such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes or herbal extracts. If you have a specific fitness goal in mind, choosing a more specialist product may bring you more benefits in the long-term.

Once a niche supplement for dedicated bodybuilders, the best protein powder is one of the most popular sports supplements on the market. Getting the right type and amount of protein is essential for growing and maintaining muscle mass, but its benefits go far beyond shaping the physique. This essential nutrient is critical to tissue growth and repair, skin and bone health, as well appetite control and immune function.

But what makes a plastic bottle a quality protein shaker? First and foremost, their design is far superior. They mix your supplements with ease and no leftover product is left in the creases or hard to reach spots. And you can be rest assured that they will not cause any annoying leakage at the slightest turbulence. The best protein shaker should also be easy to store and clean, so you are less likely to deal with rancid smells and hardened protein powder bits. Some models may even come with a range of useful features, like additional compartments for storing supplements or built-in blenders.

BlenderBottle Classic V2 is one of the most popular protein shakers and there are many good reasons why it firmly stays in the best-seller charts. BlenderBottle Classic V2 shakers come in four different sizes and up to 17 different colors, so everyone can find a version that suits their needs and preferences. We tried the purple color in the 20oz.

On the other hand, some people may find these dual bottles tricky to use as the mouthpieces are located in close proximity. We also found the lid a little tricky to get on and click into place. Secondly, the shaker may be difficult to carry around as it doesn't have any finger loops or hooks. Also, none of the bottles in the HydraCup Dual Threat collection are insulated, nor feature a printed scale to help with the measurements.

PROMiXX PRO protein shaker is the only product featured in this guide that comes with a powerful electric blender attached. This unique feature makes this bottle a highly functional gadget, capable of mixing everything from shakes and cocktails, to eggs, coffee or even baby formula. The power unit is fully USB rechargeable with the included USB-C cable and contains a long-lasting battery that can take up to 90 mixes per one charge. We were impressed by how powerful the blender was, despite being fairly small and lightweight. We would note, however, that it wouldn't be suitable for blending anything other than powders. 041b061a72


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