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You Have Requested : Dexter.New.Blood.S01E08.72... __TOP__

Commander Riker, Lieutenant Yar, Lieutenant Worf, Wesley, and Counselor Deanna Troi beam down to the surface where they are passionately greeted and welcomed. Two of the planet's inhabitants, Rivan and Liator, introduce themselves by hugging everyone in turn. Worf compliments them on their planet and uncomfortably accepts the hugs and affections. Wesley isn't sure how to take them and how to react. Overall, these aliens are warm, empathetic, and seem to have thought of everything. Suiting to their fit and joyous lifestyle, people do not walk anywhere, but run and jog along. They wish everyone health and happiness, even passers-by as they run to the counsel chamber. When they arrive, three children take Wesley to play right away, while the adults enter the chamber to find more of a massage parlor, where people are playing games, dancing, exercising, receiving massages, hugging, and kissing.

You have requested : Dexter.New.Blood.S01E08.72...

The shimmering ball of light makes its way to the bridge, and then rocks the entire ship as it speaks. Captain Picard speaks with it, explaining, between shakes, who he is, and that he is on a mission of peaceful exploration. It then demands to know why they have come to visit. Picard explains that they have sent down an away team to make peaceful contact and that he does not plan on leaving lifeforms there. It asks about the colony they just planted and Picard explains terraforming, and that they would only do it for uninhabited worlds. It gives a warning not to interfere with its "children" below (on the planet) and then tries to communicate with Data, it seems telepathically. Data says "I do not understand how but it is asking me if I was constructed for information exchange." Picard encourages him to go along with it and the object then communicates directly with Data, who falls unconscious.

Down on the planet, Worf is extremely uncomfortable with the advances of the women, avoiding them as much as he can. He is not much concerned with pleasure, according to himself, as he is a warrior. Plus, he is convinced that these women couldn't handle his Klingon mating habits. When Riker fails to contact Enterprise with his combadge, he gets nervous and orders everyone together, including Wesley, just in case. Troi doesn't believe it is anything these people have done, since they are much too open and friendly. Nevertheless, Riker has Troi head outside with him to look for Wesley.

Yar, who is just fascinated by the Edo, is talking with Rivan and Liator about their laws as Worf approaches to brief her on the situation. They explain to her that there is no crime in their world and that no one breaks the laws. A long time ago, there was much disorder, but no longer. They explain that they have no police or law enforcement but instead have so-called Mediators who select only one area each day for a certain period of time: the punishment zone. It is a completely random selection, no person ever knows when or where a zone will be and so no one risks death.

While Wesley is playing ball with the others, he jumps for it in midair, crashing into a small greenhouse structure past a short white bar, disturbing the new plants within. The mediators then arrive. The Edo youth attempt to cover for him, pleading that he is only a visitor and did not know he was committing an infraction, but the mediators are adamant and insist on applying the law equally to everyone to avoid chaos, crime, and disobedience. It pains them deeply what they have to do, but given the circumstances and existing canon of laws, they have no other choice. As one of them raises a syringe to inject Wesley, Worf and Yar draw their phasers and Riker knocks him down to the ground. The mediators are taken aback by this, not knowing why they are not allowed to simply execute the boy. They are disappointed in the Enterprise crew, stating that they thought they came as friends. Riker tries to contact the Enterprise but there is still no response.

Data believes that they did exist earlier in our dimension, but now are taking advantage of their present abilities. Perhaps they did share a value system like that of the Federation and existed in some flesh and blood form previously. Picard asks why would such an advanced species feel obliged to protect the Edo. Data theorizes that the Edo are a child race they have chosen to protect just as the Federation puts down colonies and protects them.

While in Vice, she would often go undercover as a prostitute and continue to have personal contacts within their ranks. In the pilot, the Ice Truck Killer Case was launched after two bloodless, dismembered women were found in Miami. Showing initiative, Debra noticed that one of the victims had an ice cold body. She discussed it with Dexter and they decided that the victim was delivered by a mobile refrigeration unit, such as a refrigerated truck. At first, the idea of searching for refrigerated trucks was dismissed by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta. After Dexter stalked a refrigerated truck (which he excused as just following Debra's lead), he had a victim's head thrown at him. The department then realized the value in Debra's investigative ideas. Shortly thereafter, Debra managed to find the actual refrigerated truck. Inside were the fingertips of a victim, Sheri Taylor, enclosed in a block of ice. Captain Thomas Matthews heard about the successful finding of the truck and ordered LaGuerta to promote Debra from Vice to the Homicide Dept. in "Crocodile." However, Debra was not officially a detective at that point.

Dexter was always the most important person in Debra's life, but she didn't have access to his feelings, which was all she ever wanted. Debra loved the man that she thought Dexter was, as she only knew of his best qualities -- a loving father, and a relatively good husband. However, when she walked in on Dexter killing Travis Marshall, Debra was completely astonished. Thinking quickly, Dexter said that he had "snapped" and killed him on impulse. Debra reluctantly helped Dexter burn down the abandoned church where he killed Marshall, destroying evidence of the crime. Even after Debra discovered his trophies and kill tools, Dexter still cared about her feelings and tried to reason with her, but found himself rejected by her.

Eventually, Debra's mindset began to change when Dexter targeted a psychotic serial killer who later attacked her. She begrudgingly admitted that Dexter's actions likely prevent killers from committing further murders. But after being forced into a corner (by Dexter's actions), she shot an innocent woman and became deeply enraged at him. She then quit her police job, began to drink heavily, and isolated herself from Dexter and her former life. For months, she was tormented by her irrevocable act. However, Debra was able to later reconcile with her brother (through the help of Dr. Vogel) and their bond was reestablished. Debra even encouraged Dexter to move to Argentina with Hannah (a person Debra initially hated) so that he could have a happy life.

Dexter's love for Debra was finally evinced after she was shot in the abdomen by Oliver Saxon and ended up in a coma - from a blood clot. Recognizing a future in which Debra would never eat on her own, speak, or have brain activity, Dexter unplugged Debra's life-support and told her that he loved her. Those would be his final words to Debra -- words that she had wanted to hear. ("Remember the Monsters?")

The police begin to suspect that The Trinity Killer is the shooter. However, Debra discovers that Trinity could not have been the shooter because her bullet wound is a horizontal line. This convinces her that the shooter is someone shorter than Trinity, similar to Masuka's height. During a Thanksgiving dinner, Debra remembers a conversation with Christine Hill. Debra realizes that Christine's knowledge of the shooting was not released outside the police department. This leads her to believe that Christine is the shooter. This is backed up later when it is revealed that she is the daughter of Trinity. When Debra confronts Christine, she confesses to being the shooter, moments before she shoots herself in the head.

After reading serial killer reports by Frank Lundy, Debra tells Dexter that she wants to help him, and make sure that he doesn't kill again. Dexter agrees, even though he doesn't have much of a choice, as Debra could arrest him. Debra questions Dexter's every move, knowing of his strong urge to kill.

Debra has a near-fatal car accident after a confrontation with Hannah. She is convinced that Hannah poisoned her, and Dexter is suspicious enough to order a toxicology screen on a bottle of water in Debra's car, along with searching Debra's beach house for clues. To his dismay, the results prove that Hannah did indeed poison Debra. To prevent another attempt on her life, Dexter gives Debra evidence (Price's pen) which proves that Hannah poisoned Price. Debra is on hand to arrest Hannah, who tells Dexter he should have killed her.

At Angel Batista's New Year's Eve party, Debra learns that LaGuerta has gone in pursuit of Dexter, whom she suspects is in the act of killing Hector Estrada, the man who ordered his mother's murder. She rushes to the scene, where she finds Dexter poised to shoot an unconscious LaGuerta. As she pleads with Dexter not to do it, LaGuerta regains consciousness and urges Debra to kill her brother. Resigned, Dexter tells her to "do what you have to do." Desperate to save Dexter, Debra shoots and kills LaGuerta, afterward breaking down in tears over her body.

Dexter returns to the hospital as patients from the south wing are being evacuated due to Hurricane Laura (a reference to Laura Moser). He enters Debra's room to say a final goodbye. He displays his feelings for Debra while she's in a coma - from a blood clot. Recognizing a future in which she would never eat on her own, speak, or have normal brain activity, Dexter turns off her life-support and tells Debra that he loves her. Those would be his final words to her -- the ones she had wanted to hear. 041b061a72


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