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Where To Buy Kaindl Laminate Flooring

Innovative and sophisticated. As a reputable flooring manufacturer, Kaindl can make good use of decades of experience. The result: laminate flooring of compelling technical sophistication and decors that set trends across the segment. See for yourself.

where to buy kaindl laminate flooring

What type of flooring is right for you? Whether laminate, wood or vinyl flooring: discover the benefits of different types of flooring for your specific purpose. Kaindl is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of laminate and wood flooring and has an extensive product range to offer you. The company from Salzburg in Austria sets ground-breaking trends in the wood materials industry and modern interior design with its flooring collections and creative Kaindl decors. Discover the three product areas of Wood, Laminate und Design.

NALFA has been a strong proponent for the laminate flooring industry for many years and has made great strides in promoting and furthering the development of industrystandards for North America. Laminate flooring remains among the best values and best performing floors in the industry, the group said. With the addition of water resistance, laminate flooring has significantly improved the overall performance of the products in any room of the home.

NALFA regular manufacturing members are manufacturers, importers and marketers that offer laminate flooring, underlayment and other complimentary products and services for sale and have offices within North America. Other NALFA regular manufacturing members include Mannington Mills, Mohawk Industries, Pergo, QuickStep, Shaw Industries, Classen, Kronospan, SwissKrono USA and Torlys. NALFA offers several levels of membership, including regular manufacturing membership, associate membership and testing house/lab/academic membership.

When fitting any flooring a key factor in site preparation is ensuring the subfloor is level. Take time to look for any unevenness in the surface. This could be nails, lumps of concrete or generally anything that would obstruct the laminate from being laid perfectly flat. In some cases, levelling compound or sheets of plywood may be needed to achieve this. Also, test for dips or humps in the sub-floor using a long straight edge such as a spirit level. Place it in multiple areas of the room and get down low to look for any potential dips or humps. Anything over 2mm in a 1 metre run should be levelled out using a suitable floor levelling compound.

Most underlays are suitable to use with laminate flooring. When choosing your underlay, you may decide to go for a noise-reducing underlay, typical foam underlay or one suitable for underfloor heating.

Laminate floors offer the beauty of hardwood floors, but at a much lower cost. And unlike soft woods, laminate flooring is highly scratch resistant and resists fading from sunlight. Laminate flooring floats on top of the existing floor. This means that the laminate floor is not attached or adhered to the foundation, but rather floats on top, meaning no gluing, stapling, or nailing. Because a laminate floor is not real wood, it can be used in areas that are often exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens for a rich look throughout the home.

The Kaindl laminate flooring range creates perfect harmony, every detail in these floorboards' fits. The grain structure is the same as the wood image, creating the feel of natural wood whilst combining the advantages of classic laminate flooring. This laminate comes in an Uptown Oak colour.

Krono Original laminate flooring features an antibacterial coating that inhibits bacteria growth, a robust surface that resists wear and tear, and additional protection against micro-scratches. Krono Original aim to be 'everyone's favourite flooring' by creating laminate floors that provide a warm homely feeling to any room in which it resides. 041b061a72


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