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Learn How to Design Different Types of Power Plants with Power Plant Theory and Design by Philip J Potter and Power Plant Designzip Software Tool

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P J Potter Power Plant Theory Designzip

Close connection with the school has continued in 2006 with a cheque for 25,000 from the Potter family to mark 200 years of the Moseley Grammar School. The donation will assist with the School's 'Charitable Giving' Fund

Following the death of Ian's father, in 2004, The Potter family continued their links to the School in the form of a financial donation to its Charitable Giving Fund. The fund has been used to purchase equipment for the school kitchen, new white boards, carpets, aid desks and keyboards.

The family are also keen to support environmental projects in the area and have given a further 20,000 for a school environmental project. P J Potter himself was a stalwart member of the Young Conservatives and later of the Conservative Party and dutifully supports his children's election campaigns. The Potter family are hoping that one day their grandchildren will become Moseleyians rather than Sakellarious!

He left one of the countrys greatest legacies, and on a personal note, he died tragically young. Having planted a Yew at his parents grave during his school holidays in the summer of 1982, he had no idea that it was to be the last time he ever saw it. Whether he was on his way home or to his cot bed as he lay on the Camping Stove he never made it. His tiny coffin was found in the dark, in the kitchen of the little cottage that he shared with many relatives. What a sad and tragic end to a promising life.


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