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Volvo FMX Pack V 1.0 Multicolor

Totally agree that the combustion engine is almost redundant, but will really look forward to getting my boat towed to the ramp for the cost of a latte! The grey nomads will also no doubt look forward to not owning a car. Some of this must have been thought up whilst sipping a latte and munching on a smashed advocado whatever. Sure it will be cheap, but cars have always been a personal thing and I would suggest the rich will still be buying the latest EV Porsche, Mercedes or BMW and the kids will be hotting up a 10 year old petrol WRX, with aftermarket 4 wheel electric drive and a tesla pack. The socialist utopia ideal never worked anywhere and the auto industry has always been anything but a communal pursuit.

Volvo FMX Pack v 1.0 Multicolor



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