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(Abstract only) The mystery of heat transfer within the solar atmosphere has long been a subject of study and debate. Not unlike large solar observatories that are funded by public monies, amateur solar observers also have a keen interest in this subject and are able to creatively employ tools at hand such as a two slit interferometer used to create interference lines in an attempt to measure motion. (Interference patterns: -slit_experiment) With a 6-inch equatorially pier mounted refractor focused just above the visible disk of the sun, images taken with a Meade Lunar Planetary Imager video LPI CMOS camera at 30 Hz sample rates and stored as FITS files. A variety of photometry, unrated color, and full aperture solar filters are combined with and without a two slit interferometer placed at the focus of the telescope. These images, explored through the NASA FITS viewer ( ) were applied to show logarithmic color contours. Selected fv images were placed consecutively in a movie format that shows some cyclical motion around and between the contours, mostly of the solar corona.

Shree movie english subtitles download for movie


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