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Pack 20 Vinyls Tribecore Hardfloor Frenchcore 2012 Torrent

Pack 20 Vinyls Tribecore Hardfloor Frenchcore 2012 Torrent

If you are a fan of tribecore, hardfloor and frenchcore music, you might be interested in this torrent that contains 20 vinyls from various labels and artists. These vinyls were released between 2005 and 2016, and feature some of the best tracks in these genres. You can download the torrent file from [this link].

Tribecore, hardfloor and frenchcore are subgenres of hardtek, a style of electronic music that originated in France in the early 1990s. Hardtek is characterized by fast tempo, distorted kicks, acid sounds and samples from various sources. Tribecore is influenced by tribal music and psychedelic trance, and often uses melodic and atmospheric elements. Hardfloor is more focused on the groove and the rhythm, and uses minimal and techno sounds. Frenchcore is the most extreme and aggressive form of hardtek, with very fast tempo, distorted kicks and industrial noises.

Download File:

The torrent contains vinyls from some of the most popular labels and artists in these genres, such as Astrofonik, Kompères, Neurokontrol, Astroboy, Astroprojekt, Narkotek, Maissouille, Acid Pirate, Full Crew, Blumet Lab, Toolbox Killerz, Tikal, Volcore, La Vache Folle, Tekno Trip, Tekno Section, Critikal, Le Diable Au Core, Sonic Mess, Tetrabass Factory, Mentalcore, Peur Bleue, Aliens, Kaotik and DIY. You can find more information about these labels and artists on [Discogs] or [MackiTek Records].

The torrent has a total size of 3.2 GB and contains 320 MP3 files with a bitrate of 320 kbps. The tracklist is as follows:







Neurokontrol vs Wakefields

Astrology Vol.1 - Aries



Neurokontrol vs Kefran vs Nout

Astrology Vol.2 - Taurus


DIY 01

Various Artists

Do It Yourself Vol.1

We hope you enjoy this pack of vinyls tribecore hardfloor frenchcore 2012 torrent. Please share it with your friends and support the artists by buying their original releases.


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