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Post No.109.mp4 UPD

on a sidenote, just discovered the fact, im not the only one who was thinking Device eject icon on win 10 and 11 was bad, the user who posted the previous video had made an update for the current latest version of windows and has a solution for bringing this icon as well as other win 8.1 icons.rfx19201359 135 KB

Post No.109.mp4

Override standard values of IRadAn, IRanWt, and IRanGd. The default for IOp(60) here is -3, two steps down from default, unless post-SCF gradients or spin-spin couplings are being computed, in which case the same grid is used as in the rest of the calculation.

Similar to this post, I've sent some video tapes off to be digitized. In this case, they are mini-DV tapes which should be 720x480 resolution (more or less). The resulting MP4 files do claim to be 720x480 but the images don't look right. I uploaded one such movie here, it's a little hard to tell but even for dancers they aren't shaped quite like that. The video makes them look more like elves than humans, which is probably better than looking like hobbits, but still not right. If I play this MP4 using the standard Windows player, pause it, and grab a screenshot, the resulting image is 1118x832 which is an aspect ratio of 1.34 which explains the elvishness. But why?

Yes you are correct that in terms of actual bits used, S-log2 uses more or less the same number of bits per stop for the higher stops. But you appear to be ignoring the fact that each time you go up a stop in exposure, each time you open the iris one stop or light the scene one stop brighter you are doubling the amount of light falling on the sensor, doubling the contrast range. So open the iris an extra stop and the contrast range doubles, but the amount of data being used to record that only increases by a constant amount. For the scene to be recorded accurately you would have to double the amount of data being used, but this is not happening, the data is only increasing by a small amount, so you have less data per stop relative to the scene you are shooting. So over expose to the point where you are shifting levels down in range in post and you will be sacrificing information about the scene.

I think using CINE4 is the best compromise on the sony mirrorless cams for most scenarios. Just underexpose by about a stop and push the levels back up in post. That will give you about 4.3 stops of exposure above middle grey latitude.

How much is the signal to noise changed for the worse with s-log. Compressing the signal so that the full range from baseline to 100% is not used must increase the noisewhen the curve is reversed in post. What exactly is the noise penalty for s-log?

Have been reading about slog on the web, but your article, Alister is really excellent!Sony recently released A6300 and the reviewers are crazy about it, similarly to the other recent Sony cameras it has slog-2 and 3.The videos and articles so far, about applying slog to a6300, lack the depth of expertise I see in your post about the Sony professional cameras. Do you think your pack of LUTs can be used directly for a6300 or the LUTs will have to be reworked?

Fantastic article! Well structure, clear explanations!I work in post for feature films for about 4 years, and in this new era of digital world, we need specialists as you to clarify so may confused infos!!And what you state is soooo true!Is part 2 available yet? how can I get it

The A7S does a pretty good job of downscaling to HD internally and the 60Mb/s codec is pretty good. However shooting in 4K allows you to use a very high quality downscale process in post that can exceeded the quality of the internal downscale. Compression artefacts exist in both the HD 60Mb/s footage and the 100 Mb/s 4K. Downscale the 4K and the compression artefacts are made smaller and become less visible. Also both codecs are 4:2:0 so it is better to start with 4K 4:2:0 and downscale.

The bottom line is, if you want to shoot video of a scene that has 14 stops of dynamic range you need to use the cameras S-Log2 native ISO rating of 3200. This does indeed result in a noisier image than the other more constrained gamma options, but you can offset this if you wish by exposing brighter then bringing the image down in post to improve the SNR. Depending on how you do this you can make your own decisions on how you split you shadow/highlight range and balance this against noise.

Yes. The POST Compliance Investigator can assist with certification eligibility issues, and with filing a Rule 8 Variance if necessary. Please reach out to with all the information you have about your convictions, including statute and case numbers. You will be asked to follow the Rule 8 Variance procedure if your convictions are disqualifying.

It is a curiosity to me that if you go through the Old Testament you're not going to find demon-possessed people with the exception of the very unique situation in the 6th chapter of Genesis where the sons of God and cohabitated with the daughters of men, that unique situation where apparently some fallen angels came upon some women. Apart from that... And those demons, you remember, according to what Peter said and Jude said were put into everlasting chains for doing that. But apart from that you don't have any demon-possessed people in the Old Testament. You have a lying spirit, you have the appearance of a medium in connection with the demon, but you don't have people manifesting that they're full of demons. Interestingly enough that after the four gospels you only have two occasions, Acts 16 and Acts 19, where you have a demon-possessed situation. And it's never even referred to in the epistles of the New Testament, never referred to. It wasn't an issue in the churches to which the apostle Paul wrote, or John wrote, or Jude wrote, or Peter wrote or James wrote. But in the life of Christ and in the three years of His ministry there is a manifestation of demon possessions that is unlike anything in all of human history, to be exceeded only by the manifestation of demonic power in the time yet to come called the Great Tribulation, just prior to Christ's Second Coming. And God Himself will aide that manifestation by opening up the pit of hell and the place of bound demons called the pit, the bottomless pit, the abussos, the abyss and letting it belch out some demons who have been bound there so that there is a greater force of demons in the time of the tribulation than ever before and they are allowed to run rampant over the earth in ways prior to which they have been restrained.

So the kind of demon possession that you see in the gospels is unique. You don't see it in the Old Testament. You don't see it except twice in Acts in that transition during the time of the apostles, you don't see it after that in the epistles, you don't see it again until it explodes in the time of the tribulation just prior to the return of Jesus Christ, at which time He binds Satan and his demons for a thousand years and then reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords in millennial glory.

So what you see then in the gospels is a unique phenomenon. Now I want to take it a step further so you understand what we're saying. It doesn't mean demons aren't around. It doesn't mean they're not doing what they desire to do. They do. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. There is a wrestling with demons that is going on, a fight with principalities and powers, etc. The forces of hell are active. The evil spirits of fallen angels are moving and plying their trade. They're withstanding the purposes of God, such as we saw in Daniel, you remember, so that God sometimes dispatches angels to deal with them. They are there. But listen to this: They prefer anonymity. They would rather that you would characterize that behavior as postpartum blues. They would far rather that you would define that behavior as the effect of child abuse or a failure to take your medication. They really don't want you to know they're there. They don't want to be exposed. But in the presence of Jesus they had no option. And what happened was Jesus just being there confronted them and they gave up their anonymity unwillingly by the sheer force of His personality. Jesus walks into a synagogue in the 4th chapter of Luke, as we learned. He walks into the synagogue, there is a man there, Jesus is preaching the gospel that He came to set the prisoners free, to give sight to the blind. He came to give spiritual wealth to the poor. He came to free the oppressed from their burdens. The poor, prisoners, blind, and oppressed, this is the acceptable, favorable year of the Lord and He's preaching the gospel and this demon just blurts out of this guy, "Ha, what do we have to do with You?" And in the presence of Jesus Christ, he cannot restrain his fear. He was so terrified at the presence of the Son of God that he exposed himself and that happened again and again and again in the encounters that Jesus had with the demon-possessed during the time of His life. They're back in a clandestine fashion today and that's where they prefer to be and they would like us to, as I said, define all these things as psychological issues.

Let's look at the first point. Next week we'll finish with the second and third, but for this morning let's look at the first point, the destructive power of demons. Starting in verse 26, they sailed, remember now, the storm was stilled by Jesus, they finished their little trip across the north section of the lake, the Sea of Galilee, really seeking some rest from the huge crowds that just literally never left Jesus alone. Jesus had gotten in a boat with the apostles and disciples. There were a lot of other boats. There was a little flotilla of followers of Jesus going away for some rest and perhaps some private instruction. Jesus, remember now, from this point on in His ministry in Galilee spoke only in parables and only to His own disciples did He explain their meaning so there was always a public meeting and then a private meeting when the explanation was given. So off they went following Jesus on a clear night only to find that a storm came up. Jesus stilled the storm. It had blown them off course so they have to sort of regroup, head the direction they need to go and they arrive there probably just at daybreak, sailing to the country of the Gerasenes which is opposite Galilee. It's opposite the Galilee which had to do primarily with the western part, the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. So they're across on the eastern shore to the country of the Gerasenes. 041b061a72


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