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How To Buy A Phone On Ebay VERIFIED

If you're in the market for a new phone, you may be considering buying one on eBay. After all, it's a great way to save money. But is it safe? For the most part, yes - eBay is a safe site and has many ways of protecting its buyers and sellers. However, there are always fraudsters and scammers out there, so it's important to be vigilant when shopping online.

how to buy a phone on ebay


Sellers on eBay very often poorly describe the damage on their devices, this increases the chance of people buying - and they know that it's often too much hassle for people to return the item. But even if you do your research and buy from a reputable seller, there's always the chance that the phone won't be in the condition stated. The worst part is that you as the buyer get stuck with the hassle of returning the phone, repairing it, and chasing the seller for some of your money back. You waste your money and your time.

Typically auction sites like eBay don't provide warranties on their items but if you are lucky enough to find a product with a warranty, you aren't guaranteed the warranty will be of any use. Even if you purchase a smartphone which is 'new' or 'sealed in box', it could have sat on a shelf for 16 months. If the person you've bought the phone from isn't an authorised retailer, you might find that the manufacturer won't honour the warranty either. You'll be left with the cost and hassle of repairing the device.

Doji is an auction site, similar to eBay, you can make offers on products or chose to buy now. We're a market maker rather than a retailer, the price you pay is between you and the seller. The main difference between Doji and eBay, is that before you receive the device we put it through a 52-point check. We verify the quality and condition of the smartphone, if there are any issues we sort them. We either have the device repaired, or in some cases can sort you an even better device.

Locked phones: Most major service providers such as Alltell, AT&T Wireless/Cingular, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon carry their own versions of popular cell phone models. For the most part, these phones are locked by the service and can only be used on their networks. Since most nationwide services have millions of subscribers, buyers who already hold service contracts search eBay for phones compatible with their providers.

Unlocked phones: Unlocked cell phones and PDAs are phones which are not restricted to one wireless carrier. They are usually activated by inserting a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card issued by carrier. Buyers who plan on using their phone for a longer time look for unlocked cell phones so they are not restricted to one carrier. Some unlocked cell phones can also be used internationally by inserting an international SIM card, making unlocked phones very popular with travelers and international buyers.

MP3, video and camera phones: Newer cell phones can come equipped with technologies to play MP3s, record and playback video, and take pictures with built in cameras, perfect for the tech savvy buyer. Built in cameras can come in a variety of capabilities, including 1-2 and 3+ megapixels. Phones can also come equipped with other technologies such as e-mail, speakerphone, web browsing, calendar, text messaging capabilities, and even GPS navigation.

Smartphones: Different types of smartphones are popular with different buyers. Some, like the Palm Treo and Blackberry, are popular with buyers looking to stay connected to the office, while others, like the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, appeal to buyers who enjoy mobile messaging, and still others, like the Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q, and Apple iPhone, give buyers ultimate multimedia mobility.

Performance enhancing accessories: Thousands of accessories in every make and model sell on eBay. Performance enhancing accessories, such as cell phone chargers, cell phone data cables, wireless keyboards, SIM cards, earbud cell phone headsets, hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth wireless headsets are popular for all cell phone models.

Stylish and protective accessories: Accessories can both personalize and protect cell phones and are a must-have for buyers of all ages. Popular items on eBay include cell phone pouches and cell phone holsters, cell phone straps, cell phone charms, and cell phone faceplates.

Poor: A cell phone or PDA in poor condition may no longer be working and has considerable signs of wear. However, poor equipment may have valuable parts or usable components. Make sure when you list a poor item that your description accurately describes the item and its condition.

Cover All Angles: Take pictures from multiple angles and distances, zooming in on important details. Take a picture of the front, back and sides of your Cell Phones. Make sure you photograph any scratches or flaws to give buyers a clear idea of what they are bidding on. If your selling more than one item in your listing (such as a cell phone with a charger, battery, instruction manual, and earbud headset), take photos of all the items together and individually.

Further narrow your search by selecting additional features now available on newer model phones, including: built-in camera, colour screen, PDA, email/Web, unlocked, world, speaker-phone, walkie-talkie, voice-activated calling, MP3 players, and games.

To reassure buyers that your mobile phone is legitimate, the police recommend that you get a checkMEND certificate. checkMEND is a database of lost and stolen property and a certificate will show that you have verified that the item that you are selling is not stolen. There is a small fee for this service.

You can use sites such as to record your IMEI number online. By registering the number with, the police can track you down if your phone is stolen and is handed in or recovered from criminals.

I have ben trying to find out this information as well I have a verizon phone and account want to upgrade my phone and can't with verizon they tell me if I can't get the IMEI number or MEID number from a seller then the seller must have stolen it or something is wrong with the phone and it will not work if you are not willing to give this inforation anymoer your not gonna have buyers if all cell phone companies are telling them that it means it's a bad phone if they don't want to share I understand people screw things up for everyone but if I am buying a cell phone and my contract can't use it then it's useless and what was the point in me buying it in the first place? I asked several sellers for information and got nothing it would have been nice to at least get a response like I am uncomfortable giving this information and discuss why I was even asking for it I 'm sure if the seller is meaning no harm and the buyer is meaning no harm then an agreement could be made like buy it then give them the info before sending it and refunding if they can't use it before mailing it to them to help cut costs.

I was told by my cell phone company if a seller didn't or wouldn't give me the IMEI or MEID numbers then it was a bad phone or stolen and not to purchase it I have been shopping for weeks now can't find anyone willing to help even a little with this information. Maybe the buyer was told the same as I was !

I went through the same headache when I sold my phone. I'd never even heard of an IMEI number until I started getting requests for it in my inbox. Uncomfortable with giving it out, I politely declined their requests. I heard the horror stories about "cloning" the number onto a bad phone. Whether or not those stories are true, I sold my phone without needing to give out the IMEI number.

I just got the same. With eBay and PayPal protection there is no need to give them this. if after payment is made, and the phone is stolen or not unlocked you can dispute and get your money back. All the risk is on me if I give out the MEID prior to getting funds. Once funds clear, I have no problem providing that number.

Then I had to ask for a refund and pay $20-30 for return shipping. This happend TWICE. I still havent received either of my refunds, i'm out almost $60 for return shipping, and on top of it all I still dont have a phone.

Problem is nobody will give me the IMEI (because they think I'm gonna clone the phone or something stupid like that) unless i pay first which defeats the purpose of asking for the number in the first place.

So now i'll never buy another phone on ebay unless the seller is willing to fork over the IMEI. Ive decided to try instead. The staff verifies all phone IMEIs there and some of the sellers there will even post the IMEI for anyone to verify

Switching devices can often be an expensive habit, especially considering the best Android phones can cost upwards of $1,000. Mid-range options have got much more accessible these days, but another great way to score a good deal is by buying a used phone.

Regardless, even if you give the process of buying a used phone or tablet due diligence, things can still go wrong. There are many steps you can take to lower the likelihood of a nasty incident, and a backup plan never hurts in the event you run into trouble. The tips below should help you through the process of getting a solid used smartphone, and while written primarily with phones in mind, most of these steps should also apply to anything else.

Despite that e-commerce eliminated any physical interaction, the need for contact between the shopper and the seller remains the same. Usually, for that, eBay sellers provide their email addresses or phone numbers. It is important to submit the right information, in order to create a way for your customer to reach you. So, if you suddenly need to change eBay phone number you should know how to do it. For this reason, we took a closer look at the eBay rules of changing contact details in this article.

With consumers spending increasingly more time on mobile devices, many are now researching for and even purchasing products with their mobile phones. That said, expect eBay to place significant emphasis on its mobile apps going forward. 041b061a72


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