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Electrophysiology showed a profoundly reduced rod-specific (dark adapted, 0.01 cd s/m2) response; an electronegative (b/a ratio of 0.8) combined rod-cone ERG, absent oscillatory potentials (dark adapted, 3.0 cd s/m2); reduced and delayed strong-flash a-wave (dark adapted, 10.0 cd s/m2); a mildly delayed and reduced 30-Hz flicker ERG; and a markedly delayed and reduced standard-flash photopic ERG (light adapted, 3.0 cd/m2) response characterized by a broadened trough and a sharply rising b-wave (Fig. 2). Pattern ERG was essentially flat. The large check visual evoked potential (VEP) was within normal limits, whereas small check VEP amplitude and latency were subnormal.

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In this paper, a theoretical model for characterizing solid multi-layered cylindrical samples illuminated by a modulated uniform incident beam is developed by means of the Green function method. The specific Green function for the multi-layered cylindrical structure is derived and an analytical expression for the thermal-wave field in such a cylindrical sample is presented. The thermal-wave field of an inhomogeneous cylindrical sample irradiated with incident light of arbitrary angular and/or radial intensity distribution was obtained using this theoretical model. Furthermore, experimental validation is also presented in the form of experimental results with steel cylinders of various diameters.


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