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Buy Room Heater Online

Available in 4 colors, this fan heater is ideal for a personalized heating experience with its compact and cute design. Moreover it comes with multiple safety features thus ensuring that your experience is safe and hassle free

buy room heater online

The conventional rod heaters upgraded with Quartz Tubes are the face of this range of heaters from Usha. Quartz Tubes are quick to heat and consume low power, making them efficient and economical heat generators.

An electric room heater is a cost-effective way to win the battle of cold and bring warmth in the chilly days of winters. Room heaters are the best option to keep your room temperature comfortable. The best room heater is an effective home appliance that is specially designed with advanced technology to make your indoors warm and pleasant.

At Maharaja Whiteline, our electric room heater offers excellent heating capacity, energy efficiency, noiseless technology, safety and durability. Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater has a powerful heating technology that keeps your room warm for all day long during chilled winters. Our room heater comes with a thermostat technology that helps to cut off your power consumption and results in lower electricity bills.

Our room heater blower is convenient to use, lightweight and comes with an exclusive design that uplift the appearance of your room and even offices. Buy electric room heater online that assure high performance and comfortable home environment in the chilled season. Our room heater blowers are available in different sizes and varieties such as vecto heat convector, flare 2000T heat convector, lava, quato quartz heater, etc.

You can choose to buy any model of electric room heater online depending on your requirements. Our room heater comes with rich quality features that include up to 2000W power, heat settings, heat convector and blower function. A blanket is not just enough to bear the cold in winters, bring home an exclusive room heater that gives instant relief to you and your loved family in a warmer winter.

Winter season is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when keeping your space cozy and warm is pretty important. To accomplish this task in the best possible manner installing a room heater in your house is highly recommended. There are mainly five types of room heaters available in the market and they are fan/blower room heater, halogen room heater, infrared room heater, oil-filled radiator room heater, and radiant room heater. We have an extensive collection of room heaters from popular home appliances brands, such as Havells and Bajaj, etc. in a palette of colors. Eveready Rh qh800 black Halogen Room Heater ( Black ) and Orpat OEH - 1260 Fan Room Heater (White) are two of the most highly rated room heaters on offer, do consider purchasing them.

Room heaters are the perfect option to maintain a comfortable room temperature. These are essential home appliances designed using innovating technologies to make keep interiors warm & cosy. When you are planning to buy a room heater for your home, you need to take few things into consideration like heating capacity, heater type, energy-efficiency, safety, features and noise levels. You can buy them online at Paytm Mall from the leading & reliable brands like Inalsa, Maharaja Whiteline, Eveready, Havells, Clearline, Baltra, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Olympus, Orient, Orpat, Usha, Westinghouse, Glen and much more offering top quality features.

Type - Before even you start looking for room heater online, you need to decide what type of heater you want to buy for your home. There are so many different types of room heaters like radiant, halogen, convection and infrared. Different room heaters work differently, some are meant to warm up large space while some for a small area and so on. Depending on what will suit your home & lifestyle, only then go ahead to shortlist one for your room. Wattage - More wattage means more heating capability and less wattage means less heat. For higher ceilings, it is preferable to go for more powerful room heaters since more air needs to be heated to warm up the room efficiently. Also, you can opt for adjustable wattage room heater or the ones with thermostat, this will help you in cutting down the monthly electricity bills. Design - Room heaters are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can pick a room heater that flawlessly complements your room décor and makes it even more appealing. You can go for wall room heater, freestanding compact room heater, baseboard room heater and the options are truly endless. Shop online at Paytm Mall and bring home room heaters that not just keep you comfortable all throughout the winter season but also enhance the interiors.

Just a blanket is not enough for this winter season, bring home room heaters that will give instant relief to you and your family with ease. If you are concerned about the safety of your pets or children at home, halogen heaters make up an ideal choice. Halogen heaters are light in weight and portable devices that warm up the room very effectively. Room heaters online at Paytm Mall come with advanced safety features like fully-enclosed heating elements, automatic timed shut-off, tip-over safety switch and others for proper safety usage. At Paytm Mall, you can shop from a stylish variety of room heaters that match your decor and personal style. Here, you can find these in different colors such as black, white, grey, red, silver, blue, brown, golden and much more. When shopping for room heaters online, look for features like wattage, automatic on-off switch, power cord length and handle for smooth functioning. Paytm Mall is your ultimate online shopping partner where you can buy all types of Large appliances like Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Geysers, Air Coolers, Microwave Ovens and so much more. So make a choice of the right room heater on the basis of various factors like brand, type, color, auto revolving and enjoy various deals & Cashback offers.

Vieto has been providing unique, robust, premium and environment friendly heating solutions since 1979. Known for their efficiency and stylish design, Vieto electric heaters offer indoor and outdoor heating solutions to cafes, restaurants, retail stores, farms and factories all over the world.

If you want to keep your room warm and cosy during winters, room heater is the best option to go for. Though winter is supposed to be the most candid weather, sometimes an overdose of it becomes really unbearable. Instead of shivering in cold, choose to stay healthy and fit this time and buy a room heater online on Snapdeal.

Emancipate yourself from the compulsion of wearing heavy woolens even during the daytime and within your room with a room heater. This home appliance is of special importance to those who are allergic to cold and has a tendency to catch infections easily. Shop online on Snapdeal for a room heater that best suits your requirements. You can easily make your choice from the wide range available online from reputed houses like Usha, Maharaja to Bajaj, Morphy Richards and more.

With modern day technology, the upgraded room heaters do not consume much electricity. Moreover, these are available in various capacities from which you can choose the best one for you. Of late, the room heaters have taken a sleek and trendy design that would also complement your room decor. These lightweight ones are also great for carrying from one room to another. You can choose to shift it anytime without being bothered as they come in a concise shape. You can choose the right one online by taking a look at their capacities and thereby matching them with the size and shape of the enclosure by choosing from a Bajaj room heater or Usha room heater or anything else you wish.

Winters become colder and more brutal every year, and room heaters are becoming the necessary equipment. Everyone has tried-and-true methods for staying warm and cozy in the winter, but a room heater is often the most practical and efficient solution. There is a limit to how much warmth and comfort can be provided by comforters, shawls, warm clothes, and woolen clothing. A lot of heat can be delivered by a warm cup of coffee, soup, or tea, but it won't last. An electric room heater is the contemporary analog of this.

Room heaters employ three kinds of room heating technologies: convection, oil filled, and radiant. Convection room heaters heat a bigger area than radiant heaters because warm air spreads outward. There is a wide range in price, style, and colour when it comes to room heaters, so if you're in the market for the best one, you could feel overwhelmed by the options. Continue reading to know more.

Radiant tube heater: The most cost-effective heating option is a radiant tube heater, which uses resistive heating technology to warm up a room. Heat is dissipated to the surrounding region using radiation plates with a mirror finish.

Halogen tube heaters: Halogen tube heaters use halogen tubes instead of coils. Halogen tubes are more effective, dependable, and long-lasting than coil heaters. These room heaters are lightweight and equipped with safety features, including automatic shutoff in the event of a tilt or fall to ensure the user's safety.

Fan Heaters: The coil and fan in these heaters are the main working parts. Unlike fan room heaters, which rely on convection to distribute heat, radiant heaters disperse heat directly to the room's interior through the surface they cover. The coil is used to transfer heat from outside air into the interior.

Carbon fiber infrared heater: These heaters use electricity to offset the collision and friction of carbon atoms performing Brownian movement, producing thermal energy. Carbon fiber heaters can generate heat fast, reaching 100 C in about 2 minutes. 041b061a72


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