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Simply put, toilet humour comprises jokes about urine, feces (human or otherwise), bums, fannies, willies, other naughty bits, fluids, farts and the immolation of them, boogers, bodily functions, and various other yucky stuff. It is very popular with young children, but as they grow up, they tend to find greater amusement in more witty jokes (at least, most of them do), and toilet humour is generally regarded with great dislike from the eyes of the mature audience. On the other hand, when toilet humour is mixed with Slapstick, the result is generally viewed as humourous. People falling into manure is good for a laugh across all age groups.

Fart Sound Effect Diarrhea Fart Sound Pool Fart Sound

Toilet humour is common on grossout shows and shows with large amounts of Black Comedy, but is not restricted to them. In a show which rarely relies on toilet humour, such instances tend to be lampshaded ("Oh, just what this episode needs - a fart joke"). Often toilet humour is used as filler, which results in a Bottom of the Barrel Joke.

Before anyone tells you humor was cleaner back in the old days, this trope is Older Than Dirt. A Sumerian proverb, dating to 1900 BCE goes "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."

  • Comedy Bill Cosby's famous standup act, Bill Cosby: Himself featured a rant about how fathers are the most fun family members because they're the only ones allowed to have gas. He also discussed how his father used to blame his farts on invisible animals.

  • Billy Connolly's early material featured an abundance of toilet and body function jokes. The most famous example is one where he speaks at length about being trapped in an airplane toilet with the previous visitor's "jobby" still floating in it, not flushing away and being unable to leave because he'd never be able to convince anyone that he didn't do it himself! He's no stranger to jokes about willies and bums either (a joke about the latter pretty much kickstarted his career outside Scotland).

  • Oh, Bob Saget. The comedy special That Ain't Right features lighting farts, an examination of the potential literal meaning of the phrase "fuck that shit", a man from Spain getting his head stuck up an elephant's ass, and that time where Bob got garlic diarrhea after eating at The Stinking Rose and then used it to kill a vampire.

  • Eddie Murphy has a bit in Delirious that starts off with farting in the bath tub and ends with a turd, a cracked skull and his brother with a G.I. Joe up his butt.

  • George Carlin defines a fart in its simplest context: "Shit without the mess."

  • Larry the Cable Guy is notorious for overusing this.

  • Eastern Animation Aachi and Ssipak has an entire plot that revolves around a future where feces is the main source of power and the main characters are protecting a hooker who has very... *ahem* generous bowels.

  • Happy Heroes: Season 8 episode 11 is about Big M. being stuck floating in the air. He gets tired of not being able to control where he floats and finds a solution - propel himself in the direction he wants by farting. He then runs into an aerial traffic cop who fines him for polluting the air with his gas.

  • Lavatory-Lovestory: This is a cartoon in which a lovelorn men's room attendant falls in love. In one scene all the men in the stalls are unnerved when the woman starts peeking underneath them in an effort to find her admirer. Later, she accidentally whacks a man in the face with her bouquet, causing him to fall into the toilet.

  • Tooba Tooba Noonbory: "Blast Party" is about the characters getting gas from yams and farting uncontrollably.

  • Pinball Fully embraced by America's Most Haunted at every opportunity.

  • Heavily used in Stern Pinball's Family Guy, just like its namesake. Operators can tone it down, however.

  • The "Joe's Diner" mode from The Flintstones ends with a large pterodactyl flying overhead and releasing a giant dropping on the diner.

  • Capcom Pinball's Flipper Football includes belches, farts, and burps in its repertoire of sound effects. Which are still mild compared to the game's nonstop barrage of profanity...

  • Inappropriately enough, the South Park pinball from Sega is loaded with this.

  • WhizBang Pinball's Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons has a horse that's seen shooting a melon out of its posterior. Another part of the play field shows it farting onto a lit match, which launches a fireball (that doubles as a score light).

  • The "13-UTT" dimension in Rick and Morty causes fart sounds to play whenever the ball hits anything.

  • Radio Howard Stern and his superhero, Fartman.

  • Opie & Anthony: "Fart Equals Funny" is one of their basic tenets.

  • Listeners are spared listening Giles Wemmbley-Hogg's bout of amoebic dysentery during his trip to Thailand, except to be told afterward about it... ...spending the night, squatting over a hole, spraying pint after pint of red-hot magma down the back of [his] legs.

  • The Stephanie Miller Show describes itself as "a Mensa meeting with fart jokes!"

  • Martin/Molloy featured lots of this, which the hosts acknowledged and frequently mocked themselves for. The "Blimpy, the Lactose Intolerant Cat" sketches were built entirely around it.

  • Theatre In 1776, at one point, RI delegate Stephen Hopkins is out using the latrine when his time to vote is called; the Congressional secretary marks this as "Rhode Island passes," sending the rest of Congress into a fit of laughter. Later, Benjamin Franklin is discussing his thoughts about not truly being an Englishman since he doesn't have the rights of one.Franklin: But to call me one without those rights is like calling an ox a bull; he's thankful for the honor but would much rather have restored what's rightfully his. Dickinson: When did you first notice they were missing, sir?

  • The Clouds: At one point, Strepsiades is speaking to one of the students at the Thinkery, surrounded by kneeling students. When he's told that they are studying the reaches of Hell, he's quick to point out that their "third eyes" are facing the sky.

  • The Comedy of Errors: The Ephesian Antipholus starts slinging insults with the Dromio keeping him out of his house and descends into threatening to fart in his face.

  • Matilda: Mr Wormwood's hair is green due to a mistake and claims it's to celebrate the green things like "lettuce and snot".

  • Urinetown is a Black Comedy musical about a dystopian future where, due to a drought, people have to pay to pee.

  • Real Life Older Than Dirt: The oldest known joke of any kind comes from a Sumerian tablet dated to c. 1900 BCE. It's a fart joke:"Something which has never occurred since time immemorial - a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap." You...sulphurous bastard.

  • Flatuists, A.K.A. professional farters, are people paid to fart on command. The earliest known flatuist was mentioned by St. Augustine of Hippo in his book, "City of God", which was written in the 5th Century A.D. One 12th-century Englishman by the name of Roland was given a feudal grant of 110 acres in Suffolk provided that every year he would, on Christmas Day, entertain the King by performing "altogether, and at once, a leap, a puff, and a fart." He and his descendants did so for 200 years.

  • "Fart Proudly" was the title of an essay by Benjamin Franklin. You read that right.

  • The Maasai people of Tanzania, a nomadic tribe known for wearing toga-like wraps instead of Western apparel, refer to Westerners as iloredaa enjekat, or "those who hold their farts in with trousers".

  • Leslie Nielsen's gravestone reads "Let 'er rip."

  • Comedian Michael Bentine recalled his life as Intelligence Officer to an Australian bomber squadron during WW2. The Germans made a war crimes protest to Switzerland that had to be investigated at the highest levels and which led back to Bentine's squadron, who had been indenting for more than the usual amount of replacement chemical toilets, claiming the onboard lavatories had been damaged beyond repair by enemy flak. It turned out that every time the toilets got full, rather than have them drained and cleaned on return to base, the earthy Aussies had been ejecting them over German towns and cities as an additional, unofficial, weapon of war, hoping to splash the maximum possible number of Germans as a courtesy detail to go with the bombs. The Germans protested formally about noxious chemical warfare, the Swiss Red Cross formally investigated, and all RAF crews were officially forbidden to empty aircraft toilets over Germany....

  • Most gift shops for any rural or semi-rural destination will have novelty items befitting this trope, such as toy animals that "defecate" at will, chocolate candies that resemble the droppings of local fauna, or T-shirts with illustrations and jokes along those lines.

  • The "poop cake" story.

  • Jack Kim, founder of the World Toilet Organisation, invokes this trope as a means of promoting better sanitation globally.

  • A themed restaurant in Taiwan was infamous for having certain dishes served in a toilet-shaped bowl. The contents if you didn't know any better may as looked liked someone having a bad day on said bowl.

Aren't you glad somebody else got roped into writing about your farts and what they mean for your body? There's lots to write about; farting isn't just a sign of antisocial behavior or a butt of jokes. (Though it's definitely been the foundation of humor for most of human history.) Healthy guffing, as it's called in the United Kingdom (or "tooting" if you're my prim grandmother), is a sign of a normal digestive system; most people pass wind an average of five to 15 times a day, according to Dr. Niket Sonpal, M.D., FACP, a board-certified physician, internist, and gastroenterologist based in New York. 041b061a72


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