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Israel Vibration - Discography ( Free

Due to the three instrumentalists suffering from various health ailments, they are not relentless touring artists yet when they do take to the stage it feels as though they haven't been away. The crowd is 100% behind them throughout the show with sing alongs and groove alongs to the irresistible reggae vibes. The three musicians onstage seem to still enjoy playing live with their accompanying band as they run through some of the best selections of their dancehall discography. There are a couple of highlights in the form of 'Pay The Piper' which brings the sunshine and 'Red Eyes' which has the crowd singing along to the ageing chorus with a force to make the band smile broadly.

Israel Vibration - Discography (

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Israel Vibration is one of the greatest triumphs to come out of the Jamaican reggae scene. Those familiar with the band feel the warmth of recognition and appreciation when the name comes up in a discussion of reggae music. That warmth and feeling is amplified for anyone who has heard or seen this special trio of singers perform their unique and powerful act in a live performance. For two decades the positive vibrations have been keeping us dancing and feeling the emotions of their spiritual message. Like many other reggae stars of Jamaica, Israel Vibration feel that God has given them the gift of song for the purpose of conveying the message of Rastafari to the people. These three men make musical magic that blends together traditional roots reggae with raw human emotion and a strong spiritual message. I am especially found of the music and story of Israel Vibration. I plan to discuss a biography and discography of Israel Vibes. Then I will try to describe what Israel Vibrations music means to me, both live and recorded.

For the past few years Apple, Skelly, and Wiss have been touring with back up band, the Roots Radics. Traditional ‘Roots Reggae’ music goes much farther then its lyrics; the rhythms must have a life force behind them to deliver the true roots vibrations. The Radics are that life force; they are some of the best musicians in the reggae genre today. They are made up of "Flabba" Holt on bass guitar and Dwight Pinkney on lead guitar. Steve Golding, who used to play for Peter Tosh, on rhythm guitar. "T-Bird" Johnson is on the keyboard and Carl Ayton, who played for Bunny Wailer is the drummer. These men combined carry a plethora of musical talent and experience. They are one of the best backing bands still playing reggae music today. The Radics are featured on Israel Vibrations live album "Live Again" and they also appeared with them when the band completed their North American tour in 1999. In 1998 Apple had left Israel Vibration to further his solo career. He recorded his own album "Another Moses" and was not present during their spring tour.


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