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Enya The Very Best Of Enya Full _TOP_ Album Zip

i wasnt too keen on the title watermark when i first heard it, thinking that it was going to be some kind of self-indulgent, self-pitying retort to her previous album, enya. however, by the time the album was released, i began to appreciate its clever social commentary, and how it was the perfect descriptor for the deeply layered concept of the album. in the liner notes, enya writes that watermark is about the human need to connect, and to be connected. but, she says, the feeling of emotional insecurity is so common that we dont even recognise it as a need. she uses the album to explore this, in particular, the ways that we use our technology to keep ourselves connected.

Enya The Very Best Of Enya Full Album Zip

the album s first single, anywhere is, was a massive hit in the uk, peaking at no.6. it s the sort of song that has romantic connotations, but is actually quite specifically about fantasy, enya said in the a day without rain liner notes. it was my first serious relationship, she said. it was a time when i was exploring my new sexuality, but i dont want to do that publicly. i needed a kind of a mask, a costume, a role, and this song gave me that. it was very liberating. it has an innocence, a childlike quality to it, but in a way its about the perils of romantic love.

the two singles released from a day without rain are among enyas very best. they reflect the more intimate, introspective and even depressive mood that the album evoked. the first of these, trains and winter rains, was a stark departure from the euphoria of anywhere is, and was even more melancholy. it was also a more personal song, enya said. i felt very much like a child as i was writing it. the train in the song is the train of my life, and the winter rains are the sorrows and losses ive endured in my life.


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